Sunday, January 28, 2007


So we traveled to Grandma and Chad's today and stayed for supper..and some play time! And play they did.. Mike took the kids out on the Snowmobile today...well thank goodness one of Chads friends was over with their snowmobile cause ours wasn't quite up to par yet so he took them out on the other friends machine first..they had so much fun! Then finally Chad got the other maching up and running around dinner so it's good to go! Ready for Ya Stacey, Dave, Brooke, Owen..and well Brynne when you get bigger. So I took a few pics...VVRROOMM !!! Marshall was a little upset as we didn't allow him on it this time as he is still fighting a bad cold and I didnt want to make it any worse..maybe next time for sure!

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Gloria said...

Not sure who had more fun Dad or the girls. Brings back some good memories. I think both Mike and Chad were in their glory riding and fixing a snowmobile which put huge smiles on 2 very happy little girls. I think Marshall will love it too when he gets a chance.
It was a great day!