Sunday, January 28, 2007


Okey Dokey..not too sure what time yesterday my hubby took these pics of our little man..but well it kinda contradicts my " little man " I guess whatever makes him happy right? You judge for yourself..
I have since come to grips with this and expect no more as he does have 3 sisters. Right Little Man!! This is why we have pushed him to LOVE Trucks and Cars , but have we pushed him to far with this??? All in fun.

Our Little Prince....ess ( he he )


Aunt Chris said...

Nice paint job! It shows her artistic side. Good for you letting them show how creative they can be, as long as they clean up. They're only kids for so long, they grow up too fast! Enjoy!!!

Aunt Chris said...

Cute! Don't worry, princes wear crowns too - maybe he's part of the Emperor's New Clothes story! Anyway, I love the crown. Oops my other post ended up with the wrong story, sorry about that.