Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Next Day

Okay, did you all know how sore I was gonna be today? And if so why didn't you tell me this! Holy!!! Like I feel like I jumped of a building and hit the ground, my body is just aching from the staircase fall yesterday and well, let me tell you I have a couple nasty bruises on my behind , and back like they are really big, blue, purple, red, and sore! I had a hard time moving around in bed lastnight I just couldn't get comfy. And well still not comfy today. I have found a picture of one of the bruises i received, and well its not graphic so thought I would share it, to show you how sore it really is.


Anonymous said..., holy ow
That is such a bad bruise, you poor thing. I would be milking that for a day off or something.

Anonymous said...

Which cheek was it on? lol


Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

jethro it is the left side ... it really looks bad ... mike

Anonymous said...

Jethro and Chrissy make a pair today, Jethro's ankle is the size of a football....:(


Aunt Chris said...

Ow... you poor girl! Easily done. It always hurts more the 2nd day. Been there, done that, many years ago but with a full laundry basket, not a child, all 15 steps, and yes it sure did hurt. Did the same thing again, only tripped over a cat halfway down, not any better the second time. I feel for you, glad you are still walking, I found the sitting was harder. Hope you heal up ASAP! By the way I was wearing slippery soled slippers both times, pitched them!!! Take care.