Saturday, January 20, 2007

Our Winter Wonderland!

So what a day it has been. We woke up this morning to a magical snow fall and a large accumulation of snow on the ground. But my morning wasn't so magical let me tell you. I woke up this morn and went in to get Matshall out of bed the other kids were already up and Mike was too and waiting downstairs for our arrival. So I grab Marshall and start heading down the stairs when - Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang.....aaaahhhhh, Mike , scream,scream..Yep I fell down the bottom quarter of the stairs. Not a good option, especially in the morning, and when you are holding a child. I got the wind knocked out of me, and poor Marshall went tumbling down I tried to hold him hard which then led to my entire left side being hurt as a result. My neck, my back, my bottom is very bad, and my poor tail bone. Im pretty sure that my bottom got the brunt of the fall as I now have a very large hard bump on it the size of my palm, and rug burn up my back and I pretty achy. I will be fine though. I was more worried about little Marshall but he seems to be his rammy old self. I am thinking that I might have to take a trip to the chiropractor if the old body doesnt feel any better. So Im gonna lay low for the rest of the weekend.
So other than the fall, its been okay and we decided to let the kids have some good ol' fun in the snow today. They had lots of fun, and we got some cute pics of them. So here they are.By the way Marshall seemed to think that wearing a hawaiian lay around his neck was the winter thing to do. Not sure why but he was happy with wearing it so we left it on. Kourtney was all bundled up in her car seat in the wagon enjoying the snow season as well-next year will bring her more joy playing in the snow. So enjoy the snow, Mike is -as he likes to snow blow all the neighbours driveways, so cute huh what a nice husband eh.

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Anonymous said...

Wow gee hope you are feeling better Chrissy? Just reading this now, not good to fall down stairs I'm sure! Love the photos, and well praying that you feel 100 %. If I can do anything please email me...Linda