Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You guess!

I have had one rotten day today. It has gone from bad to worse in a matter of hours. It all started lastnight when I was not really feeling the best but okay..nothing really to complain too much about. When this morning I woke up ( at 6: 20 ) by the way with a very weird feeling!
You tell me what you think.
Whats Scratchy, raw, very sore and extremely hard to swallow.....yep A SORE THROAT! Needless to say it progessivly got worse throughout the day..to the point where I actually wasn't able to swallow hardly at all and it was affecting all my joints in my body it hurt so much I didn't want to walk anywhere as it hurt too much. At this point you start to think all sorts of things as to why my body is falling apart on me with kids running around the house asking or should I say demanding things. Not easy to deal with. Lets just say I had a lot of tears today. So many that even when I called the doc office to get in tonight I started crying on the phone to the receptionist..lame huh. So anyways Mike got home around 5:15 or so and off I went to go get checked out. I waited bout 40 mins or so not too bad- hey it was quiet I liked every minute of it even if I was in pain. The other people in the waiting room must have thought I was on my death bed though...I kept nodding off in my chair then I would wake up and moan..OOOOWWW..I just was so achy. Oh well it hurts so too bad other people!
So I finally got in to get the Doc to see me and he walked in and said Oh my whats going on! Your burning up! Lets see in your throat so I opened up and he said wow is it ever red and lots of little white spots...Strep throat it is! So I got put on some Meds..gotta love it! So I am hoping to feel better or a little bit better tomorrow..hey a little better is better than nothing right!

THEN...tonight after I came home..Mike noticed that it was getting cooler in the house minute by minute. And the way I am right now I am just frezing so I agreed whether I could feel any difference or not. He went downstairs and checked the fuses and well it made a little noise when he turned it back in but still no action.
Now you have to remember that this is our first home-which is ours this time and we have never had to deal with a Furnace at all. We had a boiler system at the old place-totally different. So when Mike was looking at the furnace it was kinda like - well a truck driver with no steering wheel or gear shifter. He had and has no idea what to do when it comes to furnaces..either do I. LOL. So off he went on the phone to gather up a phone # to get a hold of someone to come and fix it.
The guy arrived -and well it was udder chaos here the kids were wild monkeys and well just embarrassing. But none the less the guy didn't have the right part to fit on our furnace so no luck there. Oh no I was thinking we are gonna freeze and now Im gonna get Pneumonia..and have to get people to come over to watch the kids and the house isnt tidy so I was freakin.
About 30 minutes later the phone rang and it was the furnace guy that was here earlier..he said oh I went into my shop at home and i think i might have the right part here to help you out i will come back and try it..so as i type they are downstairs working on it. I sure hope it gets fixed tonight as the house is down to 15 degrees now. We are used of this temp as this is what we used to keep our old palce at as the oi bills there were out rageous! But now that its not so bad we turn it up so we can feel our toes.lol.
I will let you know how it all turns out tomorrow. Wish me warm feet !

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