Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It Went well ..

So we finally decided to put Kennedy in to Day Care and see if this would help to socialize her more and maybe wear her out....HAHAHA!

This is how it went. We woke up today at 6: 30 better than usual eh! Anyways Kennedy was her usual spunky self in the morning, but today along with her spunkiness came all the excitement for her " first day of school" so she thinks. Everytime we drop Makayla off at school she wants to stay with her as she loves Macks classroom. So this is why we called her Day care " school ". It worked! So about 8:00am this morning she was all ready to go and I think I heard " Can we go now " about 50 times every half hour. Finally we loaded up and hauled it to Day care. I went in with her and her teacher came right up and took Kaye's hand and walked her down the steps leading into the funfilled room where they would be playing and doing their activities. She seemed fine to stay with her and the teacher and her assistant seemed very nice.
We came home and I did a few things and Mack and Marshall and Kourt sat around and sang songs and then we played a game the Mack calls 10. It was fun..and Oh my I have to admit that it really was a ton quieter for 2 1/2 hrs. I shouldn't say that but it really was! Then I went and picked her up at the scheduled time and well you would think that she took speed as soon as she saw me, she started running around the room like a wild animal was after her or something. Then she tripped and man did she trip but laughter is all that came out of her. The teacher kept saying Kennedy, Kennedy , Kennedy we don't run in hear in a very quiet voice. And i'm thinking listen you have to speak really sternly to this child and even then she doesnt listen me that is. She is just a Spirited Child I like to call her. So I am hoping that these classes will help her a little in this department, but who it gives me a little break. One of which I think I deserve right now. Kaye also came home with her " Art " that she did in class today so i thought that I would share it with cute.
Note the detail she used on the letter O at the bottom of the verse. And how she coloured over the groundhogs mouth and she tries this on her siblings but has more control over her colouring

As for an update on our furnace situation. The furnace guy ended up fixing the furnace lastnight and thank goodness cause man it was chilly in here! So Thanks to Doug! So happy bout that!


Aunt Chris said...

Glad to hear Kaye had a great morning! As to Miss Gail, she is fantastic with the kids. Her quite voice tends to get their attention - they tend to learn to listen better. I'm sure Kaye will enjoy each week, they have a nice play group. I've dropped in when I'm at the church for one thing or another and they all do well. Glad to hear your furnace is fixed, I remember having that problem a time or 2 when our kids were small & it sure gets chilly quick. We don't always appreciate something till we have to do without it for a while. Thank goodness for central heat. Doug is a great guy!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Kennedy! I am sure she loved it today....being in the spotlight! Something she can look forward to each week! And good for you.. Chrissy having some peace and quiet! lol


Anonymous said...

Hi Chrissy, sounds like a great idea, the day care, I have to agree with your aunt Chris, that quiet tone is powerful in speaking to kids, we do it at our church in the Kid Zone, and they just respond to it, the loud voice just makes them more hyper....who knew?? enjoy your evening...