Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another Weekend

Fri, Sat, Sunday past and well tomorrow is Monday. All went well this weekend, and Makayla arrived home this morning from the Birthday party she was attending. Everything was great till about 1 hr into her being home and settled in. Then poop hit the fan. Makayla is well..lets just say REALLY TIRED, and when she is this tired she doesn't deal with the " little things " too well-Neither do I. So we have had tiny struggles with that today but other than that all is alright. We put all the kids to bed early tonight, which was needed-BADLY. Hopefully a good night sleep will prove itself tomorrow.
I have a fairly busy week this week and I am hoping that i cope with it all okay-nothing out of the ordinary but a couple extra things are being thrown into the mix, so we will see what the outcome of that is.
Well I am off to bed to snuggle up to my hubby and keep toasty warm on top of the heated blanket, while I wait for little miss Kourtney to rise for a feeding. Nite to you all!

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