Saturday, February 24, 2007

Feel Like

Today has been a pretty great day for all of us-other than the fact of myself catching yet another's dragging me out a little but I'm okay. Mike worked this morning but was home around lunch , and then we did our usual family errands on the weekend-which consists of banking, shopping, eating , etc..etc.. And Makayla is at a friends house for a birthday party so one less child around here..yeah it's quieter butshe is always missed for sure. Her deep belly giggles, and just happy presence all around, but she will be home tomorrow morning.

I read the Prayer Blog again this morning when Mike arrived home, and yet once again burst into tears, I guess I just can't comprehend all of whats going on in this life time. My mom says that God has a place and reason for everyone in this world, but I just can't seem to wrap that around my fingers right now. My thinking is that maybe this upsets me so much because I feel as though I have or am kinda living what she has- a family I mean, a child, a husband-you know the " norm " way of life. And I honestly can say that I would totally be lost without all of what I have and therefore just weep when I think about what is happening in her life. Which allows me to say this...PLEASE, Enjoy what you have right now, look around you see what you have created and can create for yourself, and love it all...and be happy doing all of what you enjoy.

We also sat down tonight and watched the movie Click. For those of you who haven't watched it-you should. The reality that set in me tonight from that movie was something else. Work, everyday troubles, fights, growing up, you it, enjoy it, hold your kids, love your kids...never wish time to fly that's all, whether you are having a bad day, or just wishing something don't wish that-you only live one life -Make it a great one.

Sorry if I sound mundane tonight, just really love what I have and never let it go. Plus I'm tired and drugged up on Cold medicine..which doesn't help.
Good Night Everyone.

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