Sunday, February 04, 2007

Chicken Limbo !!

I had a shopping experience at the " local " Walmart on Saturday..and well got the stuff i needed and well stuff I didn't need
But I did happen to run across a cute game for the kiddie--YES it was on Clearance..I look for Red/ yellow tags as I like call myself the " queen of cheap ". Anyways I got them Chicken Limbo..and it was on clearance for ....$ 2.00 !!! Yes...thats is 2 $. So I grabbed one. And they have had so much fun with it..its a little annoying after a while as the chicken has a little song that constantly plays but its alright. So here are the kids Limboing! Marshall Limboed once but was a little more interested in the chicken on the pole itself ..he was happy.

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