Monday, February 05, 2007

Little Scribbles

So today I have had well..pretty busy morning with the kids, and poor little Kourtney is so so so stuffed up and also has a nasty case of Pink Eye going on. So she has been very fussy totally excusable though. Now Kennedy ..thats another story..shes just mad at the world right now it seems like. But we are hoping that the age 3 will bring a " brighter " outlook to her or should I say towards her. So anyways this morning I was doing a few things here and there then did a few puzzles with Mack and Kaye and well Little Marshall had run off with a crayon and all I heard was a little giggle from somewhere so I ran into the toy room and theres Marshall starting to scribble on the walls, thank good ness its just crayon and washable at that..and glad its not something like ...a Jen. No pun intended. Anyways its not too bad but I had to take pictures for proof to Mike as he seems to think that his little buddy is one that does No Wrong here. LOL...LOL. Here are a couple pics of his scribble.


Angela said...

Love the "art"

Anonymous said...

Nice job Marshall. Beautiful artwork. I'll bet Mommy was very proud, until she had to scrub it off. Thank you Mr Clean Magic Eraser. A Mom's best friend.

Nikkie said...

Oh, lovely wall scribbles. You just have to laugh at that. And be thankful to Mr. Clean for his Magic Eraser.