Friday, February 02, 2007

Just a thank you..

Another day with the kids, the normal stuff try to control the fights , try to keep the house tidy ( hence try being the key word) , and yet maintain a " normal" motherly role. Yes it is and can be a difficult task, yet attainable ...I think. But like others I to find it can be hard to wrap your head around the idea of getting this stuff all accomplished and still have fun with the kids. Until today. I received a phone call today from someone whom I very much admire and respect and love dearly. And she gave me a little tid bit of a " life look ". She said you know the one thing that I wish I could to if I could turn back time with my kids would be to spend more time with them doing the " little things ". You know what , that really got me thinking, especially coming from her, as I care about what she says so much. So I did it. I let the house go today, I played, and sang and enjoyed my little munchkins today. Not that I dont do this at all, but I dont do this enough and I will be the first to admit this.
I just really want to Thank you so much for opening my eyes up and make me see what I am missing by not doing these things often enough. I had so much fun today- I will admit that I did constantly think about cleaning but I kept on playing. By the way there is not many places in this house for a grown woman to hide while playing hide and go
Thanks Again-you know who you you so much for all your advice & always will.


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hey I like the new layout....looks good