Friday, February 02, 2007

Kids had a blast!

We decided to take the kids on a snowy adventure again! Mike and i took the kids on the snowmobile again..but this time little Marshall got a turn too. They all had sooo much fun yesterday. We are hoping for more snowy fun this weekend for them too, cause man did it ever wear them out they sleep well from the fast moving cold it!! Makayla was even steering it for a while which she was proud as punch of! So here are a few is of Marshall looking out the window staring at them all getting ready to go..while he waited his turn.


Anonymous said...

cute the one of Marsh man looking out the window....glad he got a ride this time...looked like fun. Next time though, I would like a photo in the big snowmobile suit.

Anonymous said...

ok now i look stupid...I meant a picture of YOU in the big snowmobile suit, not a picture of me in the suit as my previous comment implied. I am tired ok, so I didn't proofread it before I hit publish. LOL

partyoffour said...

You do realize that you're going to need a bigger machine. EIther that or they'll have to go one by one in a few years.