Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ouch... tomorrows gonna hurt

Today was an adventurous day might i say! We had made plans about 3 weeks ago with a couple from Mikes work to go out together. Well...this " outing " was actually a trip to go Tube Sledding..ya Tube Sledding. So we started off by departing all our kiddies in different directions for this way, one that way etc, etc. ( Thanks to all 3 different sitters by the way ). I have to say i was a little apprehensive to leave little Kourtney as she has been pretty fussy lately and well I just didn't want to leave a screaming baby with a good friend for 4 hours...but I did. And Lori you are so good with babies so I knew she was in good hands and even though i knew you might be partially deaf by the end of the day I knew that I would still have your friendship and I do ..right? LOL.
So..all the kids are dropped of, we start heading towards the Tube Slide..pull in to the treacherous driveway winding every which way and knowing that if you happen to meet an on coming vehicle will definitely play a game of chicken with them. Finally we arrive at the BIG HILLS! All I could see was itty bitty people at the very top..yet coming down with extreme speed. This did look fun..mind you all I could think about was the dreaded walk back up the ginormous hill to coming playfully sliding down again. Please keep in mind the last time we did the Tube Sliding was like 10 years ago it really did look different today and big.
We payed for our 3 hours of tubing and off we were - all of us bundled up like Michelin men ready for fun. Each of us grabbed a Tube and well off to a line up we went- by the way the have little hook lifts..thank goodness. The pulley took us each up to the very top of the hill and then we carefully picked a line to go down with the Tubes. We decided to all go together at first this was so much fun fast and furious we spun down to the bottom. Did this another couple times and then decided to switch to another hill. All was fine went up came down went to go back up...we looked at each other and said this hill isn't that big lets walk back up instead of taking the pulley-Mistake # 1. I think we got bout half way up when I felt my chest clenching, my lungs squeezing for me to breathe right and panting like a dog that just ran 10 miles. WHAT A DUMB IDEA! Finally reached the soon as I stood in line up there I realized that I was extremely..sorry EXTREMELY out of shape and over weight. Believe it or not Tubing may have changed my life from here on in! Well maybe starting tomorrow- or Monday. I have never been so out of breath other than just after giving birth, and let me tell you I think I would rather give birth again then walk up that dreadful hill again! PULLEY it is all the way for me! Eventually we finished our expedition on the snowy hills and undressed out of our Eskimo outfits and travelled back to all the destinations were we had left our kids before hand. All went well for all..Kourtney included other than a couple hours of crying/ screaming LOVE Ya LORI ! Thanks again to all who helped us out for our day of breathless/ chest clenching / muscle ripping fun!
Can't wait to go again...AAAAHHHH and can't wait to go to bed tonight, as we all know I will be very sore tomorrow.

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partyoffour said...

That sounds so fun! You'll have to tell us all about it. Who what where .