Monday, February 19, 2007

Still a little..

Bumps, n' Lumps, n' Rashes and fevers ...just some of the delightful little treasures that come along with kiddies immunization shots. Little Miss Kourtney had to go last week to get her 2 nd set of shots..poor little thing. It really is bother some to have to watch a poor little baby be pricked in each leg and then deal with whatever or if any problems after.
Well after the troubling ordeal with the doctor and " the shots " ..I travelled home with her, none the less to a fussy baby within hours of this whole incident. Then spiking a fever for a bit-Good Ol' Motrin! And none the less a nasty..nasty prick rash as my Aunt said..all over her little delicate body. Her porcelain skin was engulfed with tiny raised red bumps. My Aunt decided to bathe her in hopes that it might settle her down a little. I think it helped a bit, but wow was she ever fussy that night..anyways my point of this story is she still has a tiny reminance of this little red is almost gone which makes me wonder was it the shot? Or is it a Virus?? NASTY, NASTY BUGS!!!!

Plus: Kourtney is a Whopping 17 and a 1/4 pounds..the doctor giggled a little..shes a little chunk thats for sure!

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