Thursday, March 01, 2007

Busy Day

What a Wednesday it has been! Feel like I was run off my feet but all worked out in the long run. Started off by taking Makayla to school, travelling to grab a coffee and to Day care for Kennedy it was! As soon as I arrived in the parking lot her screaming began..." No Mommy!, I don't want to ...No". Well, the little antics don't fly with Mommy anymore. So, her one teacher was waiting at the door for her and she said to me: " Yep, just drag her out bring her in.!" So that's just what I did, she fussed with me a little, I then passed her off to the teacher, and I walked back to grab her little backpack and I walked it back in the school, where I stood for a second and heard No crying! What is this I thought! My little daughter is playing me! Just to see if I will give in. Nope not gonna happen! The school called me later and said how well she was doing and participating and so forth, so that made me happy.
From there we travelled home, we all had lunch and off for a nap the kids went...time flew by so fast and then off I was again to get Makayla from school to drive her to Dance class. By the time I knew it dance was over and off we were again back home to get ready to go out tonight. Makayla and I were joined by my sister and her youngest daughter to go and watch Disney on Ice! It turned out to be a pretty good show, the girls loved it..We even got a bag of Candy Floss with a really funky fish hat-and folks it was only $ 10.00! I know $ 10.00 I thought for a stinkin' breakable hat and a bag of candy floss!! Guess I'm getting cheap in my old days, but it made Makayla happy and we don't usually buy that stuff when we are out so it was a nice treat for her. From there we headed home where I jolted in the house as I was missing my T.V show- Americas Next Top Model..yep I'm in love with this show. I got to watch the last half of it so I survived. We had a busy day all in all but it was fun that's all the matters.
Here are pics of the kids trying on the new fish hat this morning..and the girls sharing cotton candy.

P.S. - Update..I did go to the doctors the other night and I was diagnosed with Sinusitis-just a sinus infection.


Anonymous said...

Send my wife home!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Nick saw the picture of the baby with the dog,and he couldn't see the baby's head. He said, 'WOW, that's a nice tire'. Poor baby