Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bugging me

So this week has flown by it seems like. With Paula having her new baby girl, and the kids all being sick now..time is just floating by like a ship on calm water. But I do have a couple things to rant about. One being ..the other night I was ..of course sitting here at the computer and I heard this really weird noise coming from the kitchen. SO of course Mike is asleep, and the kids are in bed by this time. So I quietly tip toe in to the kitchen where I see Willow ( our cat ) batting at the patio door! By the way this was in the dark as well..which really confused me, all I could think was Oh goodness our cat's gone mental on us. I turned on the kitchen light to see if she was trying to capture a fly or something..but I saw nothing then ..she did it again: stated hitting the window with her paws! SO I turned off the kitchen lights and turned on the light to outside ..and there it was! The reason Willow was batting at the patio door. A COON..a Really Big Raccoon! And it was inside of our Recycling bin..because, Mike had placed an open bag of garbage in there the day before ..and didn't take it out. So you know what happened there. What a big old mess that was to try and clean up. I got it done, and the garbage is gone now so all is well.
I have a situation that I don't know how to deal with, or if I should just leave well enough alone. Mike let someone borrow something of ours a long while ago, and we haven't received it back yet, mind you we haven't asked for it back yet either, which we will be doing. But we did find out that it was being misused at one point in time..that's only one instance that we know of. Do you ever just want to come right out and yell at them or scold them for it but you know that's wrong..unsure what to do.

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my4kids said...

When you commented about the cat hitting the door, I knew right off what it would be!Once both of our cats were going crazy at the door and the lights were off as well. Kelly kept telling them to get away from the door but they were going nuts. So he went over and pushed them away started to open the door but turned on the backyard light just when he saw and entire family of Racoons! All in a row. He said it freaked him out. He slamed the door shut off the light and went back to bed hoping things would be okay in the morning!
On the other issue? If your hubby was the one to allow them to borrow it. He should be the one to get it back. Especially if there may be a bit of confrontation about it due to misuse. My opinion only. But that is how I figure it. If you had let them borrow it I would say you get it back. He is the one responsible for it being there so he needs to handle it. But yes if it was misused and maybe damaged I would say something to them especially if it needs repaired or replaced.