Thursday, April 26, 2007

Must be the weather

Do you think that the pressure in the weather changes affects your kids moods and behaviour? I am thinking that when my mom used to say that- and still does...I think it's true. I am noticing it the most with Kennedy and a little with Makayla right now. Mind you their ages don't help either but, I think my mom may have been on to something! Please let me know what you think bout this!


my4kids said...

I think the weather affects the kids behavior. It's like spring fever.

Dan said...

Sunshine makes you happy. That's why we get sad in the winter in the North. Not enough sun

Aunt Chris said...

I agree with you about moods and weather, but it's not just kids, adults have it happen too. Full moons, new moons, barometric pressure, etc., they all have an effect on our moods and maybe even temperments. Just go with the flow! Also, you must have had a great time with Jen's kids, the more the merrier! I love her hair cut too, it really suits her.