Thursday, April 19, 2007

Windy fun = Tuckered Out!

I have to say that this morning gave me the impression that it was gonna be a dreadful day here, as little miss Kennedy work up in a " tude" this morn, but thank goodness we managed to do something. I chatted with a friend this morning and we decided to travel to the park today with the kiddies and well try to tire them worked! Kennedy has now been sleeping for 3 hrs, same with Marshall, and little Kourtney is on her 2nd hr of sleep. It's the wind I tell ya! Anyways the kids were really good at the park and well they really did tucker them selves out, and me! Marshall kept running away, trying to leave the park, and giggling at the same time. That winded me, just running after him. I'm so out of shape after having 4 kids..I gotta get back into shape!!! Easier said then done. Anyways I took some pictures while we were their then Makayla stole the camera from me and started to click so some are from her too.Enjoy! Marshall ate some chocolate timbits..and well it turned out to look like he ate mud..but he didn't.


my4kids said...

Those are really cute park pictures the kids are cute and I love all the bright colors they bring out the fun!
I love tuckering out my kids! I agree something about the wind makes them more tired.

amy said...

Just found your blog and I love it..What neat stories and cute pics!

Elle said...

I can't get over how beautiful your kids are!!!!!!