Thursday, April 19, 2007

What to do

Wednesday's are a nice middle of the week day for myself anymore. Usually Makayla is in school, and well sometimes Kennedy at Daycare for the morning. But this week was exceptionally weird for me. First started with Makayla heading off to school, then myself dropping off Kennedy at daycare..but today was her first day that she was to stay for the music portion at her daycare which meant she would be there till mid afternoon! So I dropped her off- which by the way SHE WANTED TO GO this week. She was so excited to see her teachers and friends, and she even helped pack her lunch! It was so lovely to see her all hyped up to go for once. Anyways, I dropped her off, then headed home. And well sat there in desperation of finding things to do, I felt SO LOST! I had no fights to man, no screaming, no colouring on other was FOREIGN to me! And I don't think I liked it. I guess it will get some getting used to, so I hear. It bothers me some to realize that my babies are growing up, and the fact that i have to let them grow up. And to think soon enough they will all be in school, and I will be sitting here at home crying as I watch them journey off on the bus. Really is bothering me, but Mike keeps saying we are on another part of our lives now..let's enjoy and watch them grow now! Easy for him to say huh. SO that ends my Wednesday's journey ..and the rest of this week to follow.


Elle said...

LOL enroll them in soccer.... oh wait that is my own week's horror story!

I know what you mean though. Sending the twins to junior kindy this year was hard. I don't want to send Karis to preschool next fall - I want her home with me!

Toni said...

I must be weird- I enjoyed Luke going off the preschool. I enjoyed the peace and quite- the alone time! No it never got old!

my4kids said...

Madison is my youngest started Kindergarten this year. It was hard.