Monday, May 28, 2007

Another mission, complete.

So..where do I start? With the practices?? Or with the whole recital. AAhhh I'll start with the practices. As you read earlier in an older post about my eventful journey to Makayla's dance recital practice..yeah well these practices continued on through that week and into the next, not every night mind you but enough. And then the BIG Weekend came..the 4 recitals in 1 weekend. So the first was on Friday night, then 1 on Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night, then the final one on Sunday..and then the cleanup after wards..but that's fine it wasn't much and that's how I get part of the bond fee back anyways. It all went really well, other then some VERY loud dressing room It didn't help that the girls were all stuck in 1 room, wasn't a small room, but it did the job. Anyways the girls would get spurts of energy now and then and the volume would increase then decrease...then increase and stay that way till the lights were flickered on and off to try to get them to quiet down ..a little. Funny enough it reminded me of this house at times. lol. We managed, and all was fine. Now for those of you who don't know this is Makayla's 3rd yr in Dance at where she is, and the past two yrs she has taken Ballet, and this year she tried Tap..YEP CLICKTY CLICK ! And she likes it..doesn't love it..but is pretty good at it I have to say. So she has signed up to take Ballet again next more far. Each year we have these recitals I get all weepy eyed while I watch her dance, I just love to see how she has progressed over the year and can't believe that she is doing these things, I still remember holding her as an infant..while she screamed at me . And now to think she has grown so much and well doesn't scream much anymore, remember I said much. But has blossomed into a young girl.So I scurried up to the stage level and I got right up to the front of the stage when her class went on and started snapping pictures, I got a few of the finale too with a lot of other girls, not all of them but a few. She did such a great job, we are so proud of you Makayla!

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my4kids said...

Love the dance picture and the one with all the girls in it they just look so happy! Love it. Have I said your daughter is adorable by the way? She is darling in braids.