Saturday, May 26, 2007

I've been tagged..I think?

So I was reading Leanne's Blog...Farming Folks, and well she was tagged which then in turn she tagged some other people myself included ...if i read it right! HEHE. Anyways, the whole tag thing was to say what restaurants you love. I go !
First off I live in: Ontario, Canada

Secondly, here's my list:

1.) For the first restaurant I think I would have to choose: the ceasar salad there, and the Alice Springs Chicken.

2.) Secondly I think I might pick: East Side Marios..the salad again I love, and well Pasta is just great anytime.

3.) I know it's lame..but I love Subway..not sure why. I have just always loved subs.

4.) Richies Restaurant comes in fourth...but only for their breakfast's, pretty good meal indeed.

5.) Last but not least is: Kelseys..great roadhouse, love the nacho's, can't go wrong there, usually have what your lookin' for.

And now I'm suppose to Tag 5 others that I wish to hear If you wanna play " Tag " then that would be great!
Dan, Vicki, Scribbit, My Four Kids, Elle

Thanks Leanne it was fun..hope to hear from the rest of you!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm Thanks Chrissy for participating! Hope all is well on your end ...

my4kids said...

I seem to get tagged alot...
this one looks easy though. I will do it in a few days probably though.

Scribbit said...

Well thanks so much for tagging me, I'll probably be able to get to it in a week. I'm posting from prewritten stuff this week and taking a bit of a break.