Tuesday, May 22, 2007

HOT Summer Fun !

I have to say that today has been a really terrific day with the kids. Could be because i am spending 95 % of my time with them instead of worrying about other..the little things like cleaning, laundry etc... The girls and little Marshall have been like busy bees outside since 9:30 this morning. Planting trees, flowers, tomatoes plants. Then our excitement travelled on to a water sprinkler. Ya Momma doesn't really like gettin' too wet outdoors anymore..Oh well I suffered through it. But as for the kiddies, they were so happy, I even brought out our Sand and Water table, relinquished memories from a year ago. Anyways, took some snappies of the kids today having a jolly time.


MedStudentWife said...

:D ..gotta love this time of year and the free & easy of being kids (again)

my4kids said...

I noticed the ticker...Happy Birthday Makayla!
I love the pictures they look like they are having fun in the water!

Dustanne said...

love the summer pictures....glad you had fun