Saturday, May 19, 2007

We had a P . A . R . T. Y !!!

Makayla is turning 6 !! And we had to have a slightly early Birthday Party for her, and well today was the day. She had 6 other girls invited over, and they were all able to come. I have to admit it was busy, and a little louder than usual..but FUN ! We got her cake done up at Sams Club..and they placed a scanned pic of her on there.

The girls kept themselves amused by playing outside, playing in Makayla's room, and we also made some Shrinky Dinks, I forgot how much fun they were. We had the girls singing songs and giggling so much, it really was a great time.

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my4kids said...

Happy Birthday to Makayla it looks like she had fun! She is a very pretty little girl by the way and I love the cakes with the picture on them. We did that on Kenzies 1st Bday cake.