Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wednesday..wasn't so good

Listen. I told ya that it was Run Around Wednesday! And well this Wednesday was super busy!!! Here's why:
It all started off with getting the kids all ready to go and drop off Kennedy at Day Care. Then travelled from there off to 3 different greenhouses to look for a certain tree I wanted, and was bound to find! Never did find it. While on the journey in town, I proceeded to get a little nagging girl in my ear who kept saying: " I want Mc Donalds". Yeah...that never stopped, so I did, and bought the damn stuff. I then went and got my self a coffee, that's just fine for me. We proceeded to go home from there, I did actually arrive home, which surprised me, thought I would have been " pulled " in to another greenhouse along the way. So while at home, I tried to clean up, made a few phone calls, then another few phone calls, Marshall jumped in the tub for a bit, then he got out and well..that's another blog for you to read all in itself. Then I noticed that I had to go and pick up Kennedy..isn't it always when you are on your way out the friggen phone rings! I had to pick her up at this time it was 1:56..not good!!! So I actually ended up getting her on time as the Day Care is just around my corner, but still, it was annoying at the time. K, so I picked up Kennedy, and we travelled to ..yep you guessed it another green house. Remember one of those many phone calls I made earlier, that was one of them, and it ended up that they had what i wanted, but just babies, so I got 2..hehe.
From the greenhouse I drove back home, with 1 extremely tired child ( kaye) and another annoying her ( Mack), 1 playing with toy trucks: guess...yep Marshall, and little Kourtney sleeping away. All was fine till I pulled in the driveway here. Then demands started: " Can you get me this, find my.." etc. Momma was not a happy girl. I actually had to run in the house and grab Makayla's dance outfit and head off to her dance lesson. So weird, cause I was early for it today. Normally we are a few minutes behind or just circling the block trying to find a parking spot. Anyways, i took her in, and left as she waited with another assistant that was there, she said: " Oh the other girls will be arriving any minute, so it's okay to go". So I left. While Makayla is at her dance lessons, I always just drive around the little town and wait, not a big deal only 35 mins or so, it was time to pick her up so I found a spot and pulled up to get out and get her. When i just took my seat belt off and Makayla and the assistant I left her with came waltzing out to my vehicle-well not waltzing, but you know! Makayla hopped in and the assistant leaned in the window and grinned and said politely: " Did you know that her lessons are over for the year, and now she just has recital practise at 5:30 up the street this week and next week." Well...I thought I would scream, pass out, and yell all at the same time, but I didn't. All I said was: " I guess I'm too busy with everything to remember to read her schedule which is posted on the fridge at home." I felt like a complete dumb ass!
So here was where the problem started though. Remember earlier when I made some phone calls..well one of the other calls was to someone who was suppose to stop by our house a little after 5:00 today to pick something up. So now I had that on my mind too. I finally decided to go drive home, leave a note on the door, and the package between the doors for them. I did that and off I went like a speed demon back to dance..again! I pulled up to the building where her 15 minutes recital practise was...yep I said 15 min!!! I got out , got Mack out helped her with her outfit and walked her in the door, she knew what to do as this is her 3rd year doing this. I just get back to the van, and I hear: " Mom, you have to come in, all the other parents are in her!" I explained to her that I was going to wait in the van for her, as it was only going to be 15 mins. K, uummm that didn't go over well, at all. The tears started flowing, and the hyper ventilating started to occur. Finally I had a little hissy fit and said : " Fine, I will get all the kids, and meet you up stairs!". I was a little pre turbbed, can you tell! So Got Kennedy out, got Kourtney, then went to the other side to get Marshall, who by the way was eating Fruit snacks. And well, his little chunky hands were covered with sticky green fruit snacks, great i thought, people are gonna think Im somethin' else. I took a bottle of water and continuously dumped it all over his hands and rubbed them together. Didn't help much but got the big chunks off at least. So, i walked in the door of the building..then saw an elevator, and hopped in it, as I wasn't about to drag 3 kids up the stair case while carrying a 100 lb car seat..etc. We arrive up to the floor we need to be on, she sees a couple girls in her class, and kinda settles in a bit.We had to wait bout 7-8 minutes or so till Makaylas team was up , so i got a chair down for her to sit on and wait. Kennedy then decided that she wanted to sit with her sister. Now, remember I said that they were eating fruit snacks in the van, K. Alright so Kennedy goes to sit with Mack, all is fine, then it's Makayla's turn she gets up to go to the stage, and Kennedy looks back at me and smiles. Then about 2 minutes later Kennedy got up and came back to ask me something, she went to go and sit back down and pointed at the chair and said to me: " Look Mom!" " What's that". Yeah it was purple fruit snacks...all smeared on the cloth chair..and now on Kaye's behind. So I just shook my head and looked around to see if anyone saw what just occurred, but i saw no evidence of it. SO I pretended too. BUT...then some lady came in , and yeah she sat in the gummy slimmed chair, i looked over at another lady and she just noticed the gummy stuff on it, and looked back at me and did the whole OOOHHHH face. LOL, Oh well I thought. Then that lady got up for something, and as she did, her poor pants were pretty much stuck to the chair they pulled away, but with force. She walked away and came back with a piece of paper and set it down on the chair then sat back down. AAHhhh hey it was something to smile about yesterday right! Finally Makayla's group was finished her 15 min practise, so we got all packed up and headed back out to the van. Yeah, not so easy keeping 4 kids under control at dinnertime, and during rush hour traffic, I must have yelled 5 times : " Stay with me, don't cross yet, get back here!" STOP!!! So bout 9 minutes later we finally had a clearing so i and my little goslings could cross the road..come on, we did look like a group of ducks..Momma and her chicks following.
SO I tiredly get the kids all packed up in the van, again. We start off down the road, not even 1 minute into the drive, the fighting starts. Well, I think the devil possessed me at that time. I let out one belt of a yell, it quieted down...real fast let me tell ya. Finally arrive home, hoping that it would be the last journey of the day in that automobile. Kids are all wound by now, and hungry, so i try to throw somethin' in the oven and quiet them up a little. Mike starts looking at things on the fridge, and comes over to me and says..uuumm yeah we have a little problem. See Makayla's Birthday is coming up, and well we planned her little party for her friends on the same weekend of her Recital..yeah we I had to make all the phone calls last night to rearrange the party to this weekend, short notice I know, but some could make it, some not. Oh well what can you do right! Just seemed like Wednesday of this week sucked for me. Hopefully the rest of the week runs a little smoother for me.


Anonymous said...
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pam said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for several weeks and I thought that we lived close, after reading this I know we do. My daughter will be dancing at this recital next weekend, I will be looking for your daughter, hoping to recognize her from your pictures. Small world, isn't it?

Dustanne said...

oh my goodness...what a day you have had. I can't imagine going thru what you did, but the gummy incident did give me a smile.
I hope she does well at the Recital and I hope that your Wednesdays start to improve

my4kids said...

Isn't having 4 kids fun!! I remember when my were littler I'd like to say it gets easier but it just gets different. I understand how frustrated you probably were. Since Kelly is away I have had to do a lot more in the evenings where I have to drag them all with me and its just nuts sometimes. they don't want to do what I need to do. Hope today was better!