Sunday, June 03, 2007

Little late posting

Ya it's been a little while since I posted anything last..sorry. It's been a busy week, both heat wise and mental wise too. We have had a lazy..but somewhat eventful week here, Thursday being the most it goes.

So Thursday started off like a normal day, the waking up..then Kennedy yelling at everyone, and then retaliation begins from the others, which in turn ends up to be a full battle between them all. Makayla had school on Thursday so we drove her to school, then came home to fill up bottles and get little snacks for the kids to eat on our car ride. I had to go to town to get a little something as we have funfair this week at Mack's school, so I ended up going to a Fancy grocery store in town. All was well till I arrived in the parking lot and started to get them out of the van. To which I noticed at Kaye had spilled her drink on the side of her shorts-which totally looked like she had an accident, Oh well. Went to get Marshall out and noticed that I didn't put shorts on him before we left for town --if I'm in a hurry to get her to school I will just go grab Marshall last and get him in his seat as he is easiest right now in the morning.
Anyways, I had to dig through the van to find him a pair of shorts, thank goodness I had an extra set. SO, I grabbed a cart and started piling them in Kaye in the front basket, Marshall in the very front and Kourtney in the very front-thank goodness for double seats in those carts. So I'm walking through the parking lot with kids in tow, and they spot " The Cart ". You know those really fancy dancey carts that look like race cars! And yep you guessed it I had to shift everyone over to that cart- FUN, it was.
All was well now they had their cart, and off we went in to get what I needed and then get the heck outta there, as I knew I didn't have much time before they would lose their minds on me.
I finally got to the section that I wanted and luckily found the item that i was there for..and thank goodness there was still 2 left, so i grabbed 1 for us and 1 for the Fun Fair. I told the kids that they were able to pick out a dinky car each if they were super good, and they were-till they picked out the dinky cars. Then the crap started to hit the fan. Kennedy was going off on one of her tirades. She started yelling and screaming, I then got her calmed down-till we reached the till. And every single till was full with line ups..and this was at 10 in the morning. There was a lovely elderly couple standing behind us, as we entered the self check out line. I then proceeded to start scanning my items...Then little miss Kennedy started pinching, hitting and yelling at Marshall, why you ask? I have no Idea!!! But remember that elderly couple behind us...well-they were just mortified, they were gasping, and making little comments, and the looks they gave us could have pierced anything! Finally I scolded them as much as I could in public, finally we travelled to the van, and then momma let loose on them. Just then Kennedy went in to a hysterical fit and was unmanageable, so I grabbed her and buckled her in her seat-while she was still screaming, and all her limbs were flailing. Marshall was trying to follow suit, but it didn't work with me, and I put him in his place. After a car ride of crying, yelling, and kicking seats (from the kids) we arrived home. We had not a bad afternoon, and waited to get ready to go and get Mack from school. Finally came time to pick up Makayla, so once again i loaded the kiddies up and off we went. Took a bit of convincing to get Makayla to come back in the van to come home as she was playing with some friends but finally I did, during the time Kennedy was just shuffling through the van, I thought nothing of it at all. So...every one's buckled up and off we go home. I drove in the driveway, and opened the doors, got Kourtney out, Makayla got out I then leaned the seat back to grab Kennedy. WELL. I looked at her as she was just grinning from ear to ear, and she said to me: " Look Mom, I did this" !
While i was picking up Makayla from school, and Kennedy was rummaging through the van she went in the glove box and had grabbed something...
She took a jar of Vaseline and covered herself with it..and her car seat too! OH I was one mad mommy. I just took Kaye and out of the van and put her on the grass then into the bathtub with Sunlight dish detergent..only thing that cut the grease. I got it all off of her, but still was fuming. I know some of you might ask why do you have Vaseline in the van. My answer to you is Makayla gets extremely chapped lips and Vaseline is the only thing that helps her, so I keep it in the for her. Not even thinking that Kaye would do this if she got a hold of it. Guess we all live and learn right.
The night ended up with me talking to my mom on the phone and she came over and got Kennedy and took her home for a couple days. It was a nice visit for Kennedy and a little break for me. Thanks mom.


my4kids said...

your "fun" with Kennedy reminds me of Joshua at that age. Hmm...only thing is he can still do that and he's 10 now, absolutely drives me nuts and I get the looks and comments from people all the time. I've gotten irritated at peoples obviously digust enough times that I have said things to people a few times. Honestly it doesn't help me one bit when people are being rude like that and Joshua doesn't care about it one bit.

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