Monday, June 04, 2007

This is crazy!!

K, I'm not too sure exactly where to start or what to say other than I'm tired, stressed out, not sure which direction to turn my head..etc. We have had a " not so good" weekend with Kennedy, yes I will admit that she was with my parents for a couple days, but don't think that it contributed to the " happenings " of this weekend.
Sometimes I start to doubt myself as a mom when she goes into her " fits " and I wonder: Where did I go wrong?
Mike and I try or best with her, but yet to no avail feel like we are getting no where. And I recently received a phone call from the place that is to asses her further and well they pretty much shrugged me off and streamlined me to another place, there's another 4 months of waiting for us. So I finally got angry today and called our doctor again and told them the situation of the weekend and how things are totally not getting any better and how I've been streamlined now, and I'm not impressed. And thank fully they got us tonight to have a chat bout it all. I never understood how other parents felt while being in these situations with their own kids that behave this way, but now I do and need support and understanding of it all. I am hoping to get some issues solved tonight and let some of the stress off my shoulders. Enough I say, enough.
i know some of you know exactly what I'm going through and some don't but thank you to all that are sticking by my side through this, this is tough.


Elle said...

It's such a hard time I know. Just keep at it - I know people can be infurriating at times. But you know, you are doing a good job. It's totally normal to get stressed out when people don't seem to being doing enough kwim?

my4kids said...

Trust me I understand you completely. We constantly have problems with Joshua and lately he's been bad....I feel like I'm at my wits end with him right now. It's worse also with Kelly being gone because he's not here to help deal with him. Its hard because the other kids are good mostly definetly not like him. I also feel like a bad mom sometimes with him because I feel like all I do is yell at him. So honestly I feel for you............

Dustanne said...

It is tough I am sure but youare a good mom and you can do the job. It is only natural to get stressed and you are allowed.
Keep up the good work!!!!!!!