Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fun at Fergus !

I can hardly believe that Mike and i actually got to go away without ANY KIDS..yep that's right even baby Kourtney had to stay home. ( Thanks Mom ). We decided to venture off to a hot spot that Mike is passionate for-Trucks. I have to admit that I really enjoy them too..just the shiny parts and all..lol. It was a great time, we saw some people we knew and truckers that Mike knows..A LOT. We must have walked miles and more miles but all for a good reason to get ideas for Mikes truck and get some great pics too! We walked together hand in hand...something that doesn't happen to often as we are usually chasing someone or holding someone..lol. It felt great, like we were dating again. So after we finished walking for 100 miles we decided to sit on some bleachers actually that's all you could see for a while is a line of bleachers filled with people ready to watch the famous Tractor pulls, Truck pulls..IT WAS GREAT! From French fries that I can still taste..to burgers that could brake your bank, I loved it all.
After all that excitement we walked over to the entertainment area for a rockin' concert by the Roadhammers! I do have to say though that I can feel my age creeping up on me, I just can't stay out late anymore..mind you raising 4 kids is probably helping with that, but I wouldn't change any of it. Here are a few pics from the truck show..enjoy!


my4kids said...

That looks like fun. Although with my boys I don't think I could get away with going there without them!

my4kids said...
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