Wednesday, August 01, 2007

HEAT !!!

It's been a booming 31 degrees lately with a humidex to make it feel like 40 ish. Now don't get me wrong I'm not trying to complain as I would rather have the sticky heat than snow..which before we know it will be flying. We have all been sweating here like pigs in a pen, but the fans are helping for sure. With a little cool down from the kiddie pool, and a trip to the park, we seem to forget the blistering heat for a little while. I have been trying to do some work outside when the sun hits the opposite side of the my weeds have taken over the gardens AGAIN! Seems like that's all I do, look at the pretty garden then the next couple weeks look again and see WEEDS. Oh well it's part of summer..right! I also want to report that it has been a joy ( most days ) having Makayla she is such a huge help to me. Whether it be bringing me diapers, or getting the baby, or feeding she's is always up for a task..Thanks Mack! I sure will miss your help when you are off to school everyday this year:( . Well that's it for my summer heat update!


my4kids said...

The last couple of weeks have been humid around here but in the 70's until this week and now it is hot and in the 90s again.
I used to love having Izzak home when the kids were all little he was just old enough to help out.

Scribbit said...

I could do with some heat right now, the rain is drizzling constantly it seems. My poor petunias are starting to rot away before my eyes.