Thursday, August 30, 2007

Messy ..yet Happy

A week or so ago, I was having a busy ..yet interesting day with the kids. My friend Paula and her two kids were over as well to visit..and well witnessed this funny/messy situation. The kids tend to just go in the fridge and grab what they wish..etc..I know bad habit. Anyways they got into yogurt which is fine as it's a healthy snack and all. Needless to say someone ..well a couple of the kids left their finished~ well finished to them yogurt cups on the coffee table...and well Little Miss Kourtney found them! Within seconds she was covered but still smilin'!! It really was a vision of happiness, and so darn cute. A little girl covered in yogurt, looking for mommy's approval.Love it!


Scribbit said...

Oh she completely looks like my little niece Lydia--and that's a compliment, she's adorable! :)

my4kids said...

She really is adorable!!