Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Well we waited long enough for this appointment and it finally arrived.

It all started with myself trying to find a sitter for the other kids so we could take Kennedy to the Doc's with us...hhhhmmmm, just who would wanna take these rascals? MY SISTER! I made the phone call and asked her for a huge favor, and of course she said sure. We were all a little hesitant about little Kourtney staying with her as she well...cries every time she sees her, but she will have to get over that so she stayed too! I packed up all their stuff and off we went to Sis's house. Finally arrived we opened the doors un piled the kiddies and gave her the low down on the bag O' Goodies I handed to her~ diapers, milk etc.
And well off we headed to the Doc. About half way there Mike blurts out: " I feel really sad for her right now". I said who Kennedy? He said Ya. I answered him in a way that made him really think about the whole situation. For those of you who don't know what we are chatting about, we have just been dealing with a little bit more than a 3 yr old for a long while now.
So..back to the story. Mike pulled into the driveway of the office and we parked and got out only to notice that Kennedy had painted her face with pale pink shimmery nail polish at some point that had to find a way to remove that before the doctor thought she was trying to join a group or something. Thankfully there was an empty washroom in the office so Mike took her in a cleaned her face up, all was better then.
After waiting for 35 mins or so with a room full of Spanish speaking patients ( I wish I knew what they had been saying). Finally we were taken into the room, Me first while they stayed in the waiting room, then opposite, then finally all of us together. After a series of questions, observations, and questionnaires filled out, and pulling each of us aside to tell us that he thinks she has a serious problem and that we will get through this and get help, his end conclusion about Kennedy is...Drum roll please...........................................................................................................Kennedy has....
Tempermentally Difficult Child diagnosis.
Which turn means that she is very hard to handle at times and it is hereditary as well ( sorry mom for all the trouble I caused you), there is a lot to it even though it doesn't sound like really is.
But we have muster through it this far we will get through the he said she will eventually grow out of it as she matures which could be 4 yrs or longer. So at least we have an answer and now have the ability to know how to try and handle the situations now.


my4kids said...

I don't know that I have even heard of that before?

Anonymous said...

Is amazing how much putting a name on something justifies it so much more! I am happy for you guys to have a diagnoses, and a direction to go for poor Kennedy! She is going to develop into a beautiful mature lady very soon, and you will wonder where time has gone!

Anonymous said...

Chrissy, I have mixed feeling about reading this. Our Paige who will be three in November gives us major heartache at times. I would like to know what kind of "toubles" you are talking about. Maybe this is something Paige has too. Dave and I always talk about her and wonder if something could be wrong. Like, tantrums for no reason, screaming so loud and biting and so on. I would be very interested in talking more about this. Thanks, Becky Wilcox