Thursday, December 06, 2007

Glaumix Update

It has been a long while since i have spoke of Pete...our latest edition to this chaotic family. And well since Pete has arrived if it is at all possible things have gotten even more chaotic. Although Pete is cute..and clumsy, and well a " small horse " in the making, we love all the " turmoil " anyways. From a small puppy that we could hold nice and close to our hearts ...a LARGE puppy has grown. Pete is now 20 weeks old ~ and a whopping 62 lbs...and there's plenty more lbs to come. Our Dane that has past now was a really big klutz and clumsy always banging into walls and so forth..Pete has him beat..yeah Pete really has him beat. Along with his growth , Pete's coat is turning a deeper golden shade along with bits of black through him..esp on his chest with a white diamond in the centre...a diamond in the " ruff " ...HAHA.
There are a couple past times that Pete has proven to enjoy. One of which is rummaging through ANY garbage ..ANYWHERE. Also he has to be one of the BIGGEST chewers I have seen. The drool aspect of their floppy jowls has now started. I took him for a walk the other night and it was pretty cold out...needless to say Pete has about a 4 inch thick gob of drool hanging from his jowls and well it was turning whitish due to the freezing temperatures..poor Pete. It was pretty funny , till he shook his head when he walked in the house and proceeded to splatter the walls and everything around him with cold, white, sticky drool..yum.
Although these might seem petty to some or annoying to others..this is our Pete and my pup. I wouldn't change a thing. Here are some pictures for you to see how much he has grown.

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my4kids said...

Wow he is a big pup! Our little puppy is only 2 weeks and still with her momma of course but she will probably be less then half his size.
Dogs are fun though. They do and a different kind of insanity to our homes though don't they?