Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Playin' with Play dough

I had an inspiration the other week and well I went with it and I decided to make Homemade Play dough with all the kids and a friend of Makayla's as well joined in on the fun. We measured out the ingredients, stirred and poured..spilt, and well ate some ( not me )... Then cooked it..and kneaded it. I have to admit it was so much fun and I intend on making more of it this up coming weekend with them as the stuff we just made is now scattered through the house and mushed into toys and stuff..yep I still love it !! Yes that's Sarcastic! But they do love it so that's what matters what if I'm pickin' play dough outta stuff when I'm 60 years old..they had fun..right????

Meg..our neighbour ( Makayla's best friend )

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my4kids said...

Homemade playdough is the best!