Sunday, February 10, 2008

Frolicking Fun !

What's tan and black in colour, looks like a deer, yet frolicks like a little child in the snow? You guessed it ....PETE ! We cannot believe how much this dog LOVES the cold snow! Now I'm sure that most dogs like snow to a certain extent, we just feel like this is our own " snow plow " I guess. When we take Pete for a walk he honestly walks with a jaw open scooping up snow as we go. It really is funny, but does become annoying after a while. I played with Pete in the back yard a week or so ago and I was throwing chunks of snow at him so he could catch them, and I stood there with my camera in one hand a chunk of snow in the other shouting catch it Pete catch it! And I would snap away hoping to capture the perfect shot of him catching the snow chunk. And I got one!
I also took Pete to the Vet's office last week to get a weigh in done as I want to keep track of that, and Pete is now 6 1/2 months, and weighed in at.... 106.8 lbs. I was amazed yet happy. My little puppy is no longer little, but still has Plenty of growing to go yet! I can honestly say that Pete has filled a void in my heart that was pretty big, thanks Pete!

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my4kids said...

108 lbs at 6 mos? Wow that is one big puppy!
Our little pups are 2 mos and weigh in at 13 and 14 pounds of little crazy pleasure. They love the snow also and Kodiak the little black one likes to jump in the air to catch it. It's funny to see them go out and stick their little heads in the snow like and ostrich! Dogs are funny in the snow aren't they. I think they almost enjoy it more then the kiddos.