Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Way too cute!

It was sooo nice outside yesterday...I hung up the laundry outside, the kiddies played in the sandbox & ran around the yard with joy in their eyes. This is one part of the year that I do enjoy...watching the snow dissapear, and feeling the heat off of the sun as it beats down on us.

Marshall and Kourtney have grown to be pretty close to each other ~ don't get me wrong they do still have " moments " and well who doesn't? But yesterday while they were in the sandbox together I just couldn't resist taking some pic's.


my4kids said...

Wow she is getting big!
Love the pictures. I love when the weather starts getting nice also. It seems to be doing that now but we will see if it actually lasts a bit now.

Teclado e Mouse said...

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Emma in Canada said... must have been having way nicer weather in your area of Canada than what we were having in April (with the exception of one really nice day)

Anyway, I just noticed a comment you left me at my pregnancy blog way back in Novemberm and you had asked how many kids I have...answer is 4 as well!