Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Feed n' Seed..??

As many of you know a year or so ago we purchased a hamster...Max to be precise. Well ...uummm the kids were up stairs admiring Mr Max and Marshall decided that Max needed some more food..but....well the 2kg bag ended up in ...a spot it shouldn't have been. Marshall's Bruder truck and pup ended up being filled up ~ I guess he thought that he needed to take a load off hamster food Then poor Max was placed on top of the pile of food inside of the truck and taken on a joy ride.
You know Mike and really did kind of find this humerous, until...the entire load was thrown ALL OVER the carpet upstairs. Do you know how hard it is to pick up hamster food? I know..use the vaccum. But i didn't wanna waste all of was still good you know! Here is the proof!

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my4kids said...

Looks so much like something Izzak would have done when he was littler. He loved filling his trucks with everything!