Tuesday, November 21, 2006

1 out of 7 isn't bad...

Had our little journey to the doctors office lastnight, Marshalls ears are okay-so he says. Sometimes I feel like he gives his patients a quick brush off to get out if hes not wanting to deal with issues, thats how I felt last night anyways. So we gave Marshall Motrin lastnight...and yet he really moaned and groaned/cried...maybe its his molars coming through? But my goodness he is hurting. S poor little Kourtney had to get her first needles lastnight, and the doc did one needle in one leg and the resident doc did the other needle in the other leg-both at the same time...and the resident hit an artery in her leg..well it bled & bled then dripped on my pants...it wouldn't stop. Finally stopped and I got my flu shot after, I really dislike those shots my arm always hurts for a day or so after like i got punched really hard.

Came home, and Im not too, nothing but udder chaos! Everyone was screaming at one point, fighting, pushing & and friggen whining. Well you can only take so much of that and it went on and on. I finally put my foot down and Kenedy went to bed, Marshall went next, got the baby to sleep, and Makayla stayed up with us for a little bit. Holy when they all get going i can only say that I really think it is even louder than a Rolling Stones rock concert. Mike was home around 7:45 pm lastnight so right after all the chaos had really hit, isn't that always the way? He was pretty tired lastnight too, he fell alseep on the couch-it's like trying to wake a bear from Hibrenation.
Kennedy was in our bed 3 times lastnight..so which meant we took her back to her bed 3 times, Marshall was up like I said at least 3/4 times just so upset. So we got to sleep almost 1 whole night this past week/weekend pretty good I say!!

This morning has been a little bit hectic so far, as Miss Kennedy woke up on the wrong side of the bed- she was up a lot lastnight.Marshall is not himself at all and Kourtney her little legs are so sore from her needles lastnight. And well Im just not in the best mood right now-hope it gets better today.

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