Monday, November 20, 2006

Off to the doctor's again!

Well, we had a pretty busy night with Marshall as he was up moaning and groaning /crying we think from his ears. I have an appointment there today anyways so I am taking him with me to get his ears checked again. Got Makayla to school today, and then came right home, and started the dreaded cleaning of the was bad today as there was spaghetti from lastnight in places that I didn't think i would ever find spaghetti. So I had to clean as I really prefer to live in a clean house now that it is our own...a little pride I think this time. Not that our old place was dirty it wasn't but I care this time around thats all. Hasn't been too bad today..yet.Other then Marshall's crying from hurting and well Kourtneys a little fussy but its manageable. I watched Oprah a week ago and got to see a lady on there who can hear and distinguish a baby's cries. So I wrote them down and she is so right...its really neat actually.Wish I had of known this 5 years ago!

Well Kennedy slept all night-IN HER OWN BED! I know holy I said too. Actually they all slept until 7:45 this morn which , well left us in a scramble to get ready for school but we did it and arrived there on time!Amazing huh? Hope all goes well at the docs tonight I will Blog later to tell.
Bye for now!

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