Thursday, November 09, 2006

Always trouble when it's too quiet!

Well after another sleepless night..3 hrs to be exact. Hopefully today will bring a new light but..not as of yet. As Kennedy was way too quiet ..So quietly went into the bathroom where I found her with my lip gloss..well you can imagine the rest. She just stared at me and said: " Mom do I look pretty"? LOL. I cleaned her up for the most part, then took a memorable photo to show her down the road. As her sister started into the lipgloss too.

Another rough night for sleeping though, but what can you expect though when you have sick kids..right? So Kennedy was up most of the night..and then wanted to sleep in our bed with us( this is becoming a bad habit for her), which in turn woke the baby up so i was up with her as that threw her of her schedule. But Kourtney is making up for her lost sleep today so far.

Im kinda organized far I have got the house cleaned, the laundry done, the kids fed..or did I. And We just made some beaded jewellery-the girls and I. Hoping to see my sister today- and well maybe the kids will be calm when she is here as it tends to turn into a circus show when we have company.

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