Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lets look on to a new day tomorrow...

We endured another drive to take Makayla to Tap Dance today...did the big drive around to wait for her...went to get some gas, but I was smart and got the kids Timbits first so I didn't hear whining or anything of that Then picked up Makayla, and we went to a material store to get some supplies I needed. Got back in the van to listen to Kennedy scream at the top of her lungs as we drove was great! I did a couple of those really hard fast sudden stops with the brakes to quiet her didn't work. So we decided to put on some" Big and Rich" tunes and we bee bopped to them the rest of the way home.
Came home, got everyone undressed, just started to make supper and the phone starts ringing, the baby starts crying the kids start asking whats for supper? where is it? So I get some Spaghetti on the go..get everyone settled...they just about finish..and the pooping starts...really really runny...the flu poops if you know what I mean. Then I see Makayla run to the bathroom coughing really hard, then hear the dreaded sound of vomit. I guess she still has the flu.
So I get Marshall changed and off to bed, get Kennedy cleaned up, go to get her jammies on her& she has a mid life crisis about whether or not the top really matches with the bottoms of her jammy pants very well. We ended up with the good old regular cow jammies-they match well in her mind.
Mike is still at work...tends to be late nights with this season now so I keep on truckin....tomorrow is a new day, new poop & same old cute kids!
Well lets see what time Kennedy wakes us up tomorrow.

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Linda McFarland said...

HI Chrissy,it's your mom and Vicki's friend Linda here, I enjoyed your blog, and well hope it is o.k. that I am emailing you. YOu certainly have your hands full, and your children are absolutely beautiful in the photo! Praying for healing for all your kids, and if there is anything I can do let me know, love to meet you one day and your kids.

my email is feel free to email me, I don't have a blog, not that computer smart . bye for now, Linda