Sunday, November 19, 2006

A night was fun

Well...I Blog again. Saturday wasn't a bad day by any means, but again it still was a busy day. Mike worked 3/4 of the day, but his mom came over to help me out for a few hours, which is sooo nice. Just another pair of hands helps ...even if its to change a diaper, or give a hug, or just hold one of the kids for me. And to top it off the kids love all their grandparents soo much its always great for them to see them at any given time. ( Thanks Again )

So, we were invited to go to a Pot Luck dinner lastnight, to see our friends new house. Like holy- what a big that respect Im not envious for I would not wanna clean all of what I saw. But it would love a new house-at some point in our lives( right Mike )? I have thought it through long and hard let me tell you, and I finally decided to make...dum ta dum...Chocolate trifle!! Yep something nice and easy. But I was lacking 2 of the ingredients, so my mother in law took the two older girls down to the store with her and picked up the items I needed. They arrived home and I started making the Trifle. At some point during this process I had to make chocolate pudding. Got out the beaters & put it all in a bowl & started to mix up the chocolate pudding..finally got to the right consistency and I set the beaters on its end- like usual so it could drip off into the bowl...WELL...little Miss Kennedy decided that she needed to see the result of turning the beaters back on at this time. You know what happened, yeah all the pudding that was left on those beaters FLEW EVERYWHERE!! Honestly I think I swore once then just laughed and had a look of disbelief on my face. Why me? Finally stopped chuckling, and wiped up the mess, and of course gave the beaters to the girls to lick after all this. Now, I thought that my kids would just lick them and enjoy this chocolate beater experience...but NO. They thought that it would be great fun to hold the beaters - still covered in choclate pudding , and shake them ! Yes, as you sit there and chuckle to yourself, another mess for mommy to clean up. But on a brighter note they had fun.
Finally got the Trifle made & Mike arrived home, he got ready to go, and I got ready...and we left. The dinner was pretty good, and filling. Makayla was going around doing her own thing playing some other kids that were there, not a problem. But then I went down to the basement where all the kids were, and Makayla had a little cash register that had a microphone on it that really worked, and well was speaking through it. What was she saying you ask? She would hold the little mic up to her mouth ( almost eating it ) , and was saying you eat poop, and drink pee. I thought I would die, as there were other adults in the room at this time. I gave her the dirty eye squint and tried to gently shake my head no, while she continued and I slowly walked away. What are these kids hearing at school I wondered. I never brought it back up to her as need to pick my battles-right? I guess kids will be kids and I shouldn't be embarressed over that stuff, but I was.

So we arrived home around 10 or so and headed off to bed, girls were in there room, marshall in his, and the baby in her cradle. Well at 3:30 this morningKourtney woke up for her feeding and I saw - in our bed- Makayla, Mike, Kennedy , and of course me! What in the world I thought. If thats not birth control I don't know what is.
Let's see what tomorrow brings for me.

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Linda said...

Hey Chrissy, sounds like you had a fun day, how wonderful that you have fun with your kids!!! (although I know cleaning up is not always the most fun). But what a great memory you have! Oh how much they all love mommy and daddy to end up in your bed, hee hee...