Sunday, November 19, 2006

Toy shopping, & make up

For the most part, our Sunday was a pretty good one. It started off at 3:30 this am, when I woke up to feed Kourtney and I saw -in our bed: Makayla, Mike, Kennedy and myself! Not sure when this all took place but at some point during the night it did! If thats not good birth control I don't know what is. Mike left for work at 4:30 this morning, and we all woke up for the day around 7: 15. Not too bad for this house. Got everyones pants changed and settled well to their liking. Then Mike arrived home..short day today. I went to the Samko & Miko Toyware house sale today, it's in London...Ya ...Whooppss! Well at least I got a lot of kids covered for presents now. It was neat though it was just like a Sam's club but it was all toys in the isles and some books too. So after that I came home and we all had some lunch and then we packed everyone up to go to town. Today we had to get groceries and Mike had to get a cord to plug his truck in for the winter nights ahead. And we were also due for a trip to the dollar store as we promised the girls a treat for doing so well on their sticker charts. Makaylas chart is for behaving well, and Kenneys chart is for Potty training ( which is going slowly by the way).
So Mike went to Princess Auto while I stayed in the van--they all had fallen asleep at this point except for Marshall who was making loud grunting noises-no not pooping. And then after that I asked him to drop me off at Toysrus so I could get a few things that were in their recent flyer, so he did that, which by the way was a friggen mad house!!
Then we travelled to No Frills to get groceries..busy in there too but not too bad. After that we took the trip to the dollar store. The kids were pretty excited about this. Not too sure what is so exciting about new plastic toys or hair acc. that break in 10 minutes? LOL. But it makes them happy campers so who cares right? So Kennedy first picked out 3 packs of hair clips, which I put back as they won't even hold her hair its too fine. Then she picked out a little doll, and a purple pair of sunglasses. All is okay at this point. As you know we are in the process of potty traing Kennedy...well then she says " Im peeing...I think this is great she can feel it on its way!"....But she yells it again! So I look and her pants are becoming increasing darker?? Yep I forgot to put a pull Up on her...she came to town with a naked bum in her pants. Stupid mommy! My fault this time. Guess Im a little busy and preoccupied.
Makayla ended up getting a little make up set, it's pretty cute, but they did nothing but fight over it for the first 2 hrs or so. After arriving home the girls played make up and faught on and off about who was holding what and who was gonna put it on who. I took pictures of all this you to view. We put Marshall to bed as he is not feeling well again, not too sure if his ear infection was deep enough that the meds never caught it or not. Poor little guy.

I made spaghetti for dinner tonight, and we put up our Christmas lights tonight as well. The girls and Mike and I did that together, it was pretty fun, we have two of those little deer that are lit up and the girls were riding them all over the front yard...the neighbours must think we are crazy. After supper and stringing the lights the girls went up stairs to play. We then hear Makayla yelling at us: " Kaye pooped , Kaye pooped ...she did she did". This cannot be good. So Mike says" you better not have"! As yet again she had no diaper on but did have pants on at this time. ask...yep she did poop! And to make it worse..she took her hand and pushed it out of her pants and on to her carpet in her room....needless to say all Mike said was " Go to the tub"!" And don't touch anything on your way down". Not good. But lets keep in mind she is a very determined/fiesty/devilish/independant/two year old. So lets go easy on her. We got them all in the tub all cleaned up and they are all in bed now-silence--it's so quiet i think I can hear my brain turning. I have left you all some pics to enjoy. Have a good night ya all!


Vicki said...

K, I actually laughed out loud while reading today's post....I'm sorry...but I can really picture Kennedy doing those things... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Nick just saw the picture of Mack putting on eye shadow, and said "oh mom, I want to paint my eyes". You know how my day is gonna go now. Darn it!!

Linda said...

Haaaaaaa, too cute!! You have very cute kids, I love the pics of putting make up on each other, wow that is so much fun for them I bet! Must get that for my nieces to do too.

Praying for complete healing in your little guys ear....bye bye