Thursday, December 28, 2006

Oh my, Oh my

I can honestly say that I feel completely drained of energy today..and the past 3 days. I am so tired, and with all the Christmas excitment it hasn't made things any easier. Then...I was putting some " old stock" toys into the basement yesterday and saw that the floor was wet, not good. So I called Mike and told him which in turn led to me calling up to get Chad to come over here and check the situation out. Our water /Pump tank ...Kaput on us. It looks like it was in rough shape though so I sent Chad out with some $ to go get us a new one from TSC, he brought it home all was well. Then Mike arrived home shortly after and we then received a phone call from my cousins dad. And my cousin was telling him our " water tank" story and he wanted to tell us that he had a tank at his place that we could have! Well...Mike and Chad went up there lastnight and got the tank, and today Chad is getting it all fixed up so it will run here. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TANK ROY..AND MEL. It is very much appreciated. So it is almost noon and we still have NO water since yesteday at 4 pm. We are doing okay..other than the huge mound of dishes in the sink and starting to accumulate on the counter ....I have shoved some in the oven too get them out of the way( trick from my nan). and well the laundry is okay but another day or two it will not be a good And well you can imagine that when there is no water the toilet cannot flush....we now have a Porta Potty in our gross!! And of course little Marshall at one point this morn decided to explore in the toilet..what a MESS! Then he decided to unroll a half a roll of toilet paper and dump it in the toilet of which I had to retrieve..Mommy was not happy! Hopefully we can get things up and running today at some point but, Im not placing any bets.
Makayla is going to her friends house tonight for her 1st sleepover! She has only had a sleep over with Grandma and poppie & other Grandma when she was younger too. So I hope that she has a good time. But the anticipation of her coming here to pick up Makayla is just overwhelming Mack. She keeps saying.." is she here yet?, when is she coming?, its taking so long mom." Oh kids, and the concept of time-thats right they dont grasp that for a long time I've heard! Hope the rest of our day goes well. Blog later

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