Sunday, December 31, 2006

Been a nice weekend

So New Years Eve ...I guess that brings gatherings again, little bit of alcohol..again, and tired kids for another week or so. I have to say that I have had a pretty good weekend so far. Friday night I actually got to go out shopping with Jen...okay going out shopping is a very rare occurance for me but with a friend is even more rare. It was so nice and we had a great time. I got lots of really good deals-gotta love those red tags! Thanks again Jen we will have to do that again real soon.

Then on Saturday I had a guess- Nope was that Mike didn't have to work! Ya I know holy, it was a miracle! So we got all the kids rounded up just like a herd of cattle, buckled them in the van and we went to go and see my new neice Brynne. I can't believe how much she has grown it's crazy! We had a good visit there and from there we proceeded to take the kids out for Mc Donalds, and..we went in the playland area. K we don't do that very much as it can be a huge struggle to get them out of there. But this visit went very well and it was so great seeing them have so much fun on all the equipment. And as for leaving they were really good, it was a shocker for me. But good.
From there we went to the Liquor store, then to M&M's to get some goodies for New Years Eve, and then came home. During this process Mike had called his mom to see if she could come down and watch the kiddies while we go out for dinner, and it was a GO! So we were happy to have some " our time " as we don't get too much of it anymore. So we went to Eastside Mario's and it was so good. Even had dessert..I can still taste it. We had to pop into Walmart after that to get some other goodies Mike wanted, and we ran to some people we knew there ( big shocker ) I So that took a little longer than expected but we eventually got outta there. We came home and chatted a bit then hauled off up to bed. As for today..we are celebrating New years with some friends, hope we can all stay up ti 12..not too sure bout that but will try to.

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Happy New Years to all of you!