Monday, January 01, 2007

Getting back to normal..

So the holidays have ended, we rang in a new year and well today the new year has begun! Hope everyone had a good New Years! We just hung out with some friends and had a " merry" old time, and the kids were pretty good considering they were up pretty late. Makayla crashed around 10:45 or so, then Kourtney at 11:00 and well Marshall & Kennedy stayed up for the long haul! Mind you they were pretty tired when we got home, as there was no arguing about bedtime or anything of the sort. So I had a pretty good sleep from my wobbly pops I had last night but I could have slept a little longer. But what can you expect from kids..right? So as we bring in the New Year we also bring in a " New look into the New year, for tasks to endure" right?? Well I have a resolution for this year and it is to be ..more patient, and cook more adventurous meals.As well I am thankful for things in 2007 as I was in 2006 but have had more time now to think about things in general. I am very thankful for Water as we had our little " Water tank " episode here for a couple days, and wow did I ever take water for granted. So I cherish my water here now. And our kids I want to enjoy more time watching our grow and develop into their own in this world. I wish nothing but the best for all my family and friends for the New Year and hope you have some resolutions to follow as well for 2007!

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