Friday, December 29, 2006

We have water agian!

The drought is over here! Thank goodness. As my oven really was getting full of dirty dishes, and my poor overflowing sink with the mound of crusted food dishes. And well one more day of dirty clothes would have been disasterous! Thank goodness for My mother in law she came to the rescue- took all my gross dishes, and pile of laundry and cleaned it all up at her house for us. Then we took the kids up there and bathed them and she feed us was great! Thanks again

So my thanks go out to: Chad, Jamie,& Jethro...ya we owe you guys .

Well Im off to clean this place.

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jen said...

Sounds like you should have no water more often. If it means someone does your laundry AND your dishes, AND feeds you supper, it sounds like a good deal to me!!