Monday, December 04, 2006

Things are lookin' Festive!!

The weekend is here and gone in such a flash..seems like you look forward to the weekend and then you blink your eyes and he's gone again for work on Monday morn. Well we had a great weekend never the less. We ordered pizza on Friday night-which was delicious, then on Saturday Makayla had a birthday party to attend , and my parents were coming over for dinner, and they had my neice too which was a treat for the kids, someone else to play with. We hadcaesar salad & Homemade Lasagna ( Thank you for the receipe Leanne-got it off your blog-its awesome ) turned out great! It was a big hit!! And we had angel cake with whipped cream for dessert. Then after supper mom and I helped the kids decorate Gingerbread houses..that was great, just to see their attention focused on such a festive craft..Kennedy tried hard but could not contain herself from eating all the icing whether it be straight from the tube or she would put it on the house then swipe it off to eat was cute. Marshall would come over to the table now and then just to steal a candy or two. So we finished the houses and the kids played for a little while..then they went home and we all went to bed. Woke up Sunday morn...Mike took the baby downstairs and let me sleep in for a couple extra hours...YIPPEE! Decided that today was the day to assemble the tree! Didn't go too bad I was expecting the worst, Marshall only tried to bite the lights once, and the Garland came off a couple times, Makayla seems to think that the decorations are playing toys-so she plays house with them..?? But all went well, and it looks nice.We then got Grandma to watch the girls while we took Marshall and Kourtney to town to get some shopping accomplished. Went back to Grandma's house had some birthday supper for " Uncle Chad ", and came home just in time to get everyone to bed..again. Have I told you how much I love bedtime?? I mean for the kids. So I blog this today as I have 3 kids sleeping and Mack and I are still lounging around in our jammies, I am waiting for my clothes to dry in the dryer, and Mack is playing. It has been a quiet day so far...this is good for once! So lets see how the rest of the day goes by. Blog later!


Anonymous said...

The ginerbread house looks wonderful~! Great job everyone! You guys sound like a great team, working together for the good of your whole family, loved your email, very uplifting and so so encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Megan was laughing so hard at the picture of Kennedy with icing all over her hands. She kept saying, "oh Kennedy all sticky, that's funny". It was pretty cute. Just thought I would share. I am laughing at something else. I will tell you tomorrow. Remind me to tell you.