Thursday, February 01, 2007

Warm & better

As each day comes & goes I am feeling much better and we are still nice and toasty as the furnace is working extra well since the little fix it had the other day. Today has kinda been a little long so far as I woke up around 3:00am you know laying there waiting for little Miss Kourtney to wake up to feed but no..she was still fast asleep. I know this as I really went over to her and gently put my finger under her nostrils to feel for warm air she usually has risen to eat by now. I know I shouldn't be complaining..she did really well lastnight she went from 8:45 pm to 3:45 am then right back to sleep till 8:00 am. Im okay with that!
Its the 2 year old that the " waker " in the family at night. Still around 1:00 am or so she comes a trotting into the bedroom and sneakily crawls up around or heads and gently places her tiny body between us and starts snoring with a soother in her mouth. Okay have you ever heard a kid snore with a soother in her mouth??? Well it kinda goes like this; KKHHUUNNKKSSSHHHHHKKKKHHSSS..gasp gasp KKKHHHUNNNNKKKHHHHHSSSS...ya its really annoying! Its like listening and watching something bobbing up and down in the water with a loud gurgle noise at the same time. with an added snore to it.
So anyways lastnight when Kourtney finally woke up to feed I decided to take her downstairs and lay on the couch where I would actually be able to stretch out my legs..not even 15 minutes later all I hear from the top of the stairs - ( note with her soother still in her mouth ) MOM..where are you..then if you dont answer her it gets she finally came down and layed with me on the couch-so much for my leg room huh. Then she decided that she needed to play so she got up to get a ride on car..and I said oh no you dont its almost 4:00am you are going back to sleep no toys!! Well she didnt like that-too bad! So I went back up stairs to get back into my warm bed, and Mike arose to take them back to their beds. And finally yet again I had my leg room back. And we all got well a few hours of sleep after that whole ordeal..what a night. Hopefully tonight will be a bit better. Will blog later hopefully

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