Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am Sick again!

So did you count how long it has actually been since I was sick last, well I have...exactly 3 weeks! Read this from the last illness I just had..SickI woke up this morning to a churning in my tummy , a pound in my head, and dizzy...felt like I had a hangover -of which I didn't. But still shuffled through the morning and gathered everyone up and took Mack to school, got half way home and Kennedy says.." Mom, Mom- look Marshall is puking look again, and more again." ! My thoughts were oh goody...( really I said something else ) but I will leave that up to your discretion. Finally got Marshall all cleaned up and I start....yep here we go again. And still to this moment I do not feel very good at all. Why does this happen, I cannot get sick I am the glue for this family! And when the Glue is sick all falls apart! I called Mike a couple times today just to make sure he knew that I really wasn't feeling well..and I have just received a phone call from him stating that he will be home a couple hours earlier than anticipated..thank goodness. I have had a hot shower-did no good, I have tried to eat lightly-came back up, I have tried to rest-then someone cries or bugs me. So now I have finally got everyone to rest for their naps today- so I thought that I would quickly blog while I had a minute to, then I am going to try to rest again...I'm sure just in time for one of them to wake up.


Anonymous said...

Poor girl..I can relate...although thankfully, mine's just a cold.

take it easy...


Jethro, Squirt and Mel said...

Hang in there Chrissy, you'll be better soon enough, and the kids too....Soon summer will be here and the "Cold" season will be over.


partyoffour said...

Sorry to hear your under the weather. Hang in there. It always goes away.