Wednesday, February 21, 2007

YYEEAAHH... she went!!!

Well, another Wednesday, means another try for Pre school for Kennedy! It was a battle up hill all the way this morning for her to even think about going. I tried everything in my power to convince her that going to school would just be terrific! One minute she would say NO..then say uumm okay I will see my teacher. Then we would get ready to leave and she would start again..No I don't want to go! So eventually I convinced her that if she went I would make she that Makayla went in with her today..that did it she was go to go now. So we all left the house and arrived at school..I took her and and was promptly greeted by one of the teachers which took Kennedy right from my arms..and told her Kennedy you are going to stay at school today and if you choose to cry then that's fine but if you choose to have a fun time with us that's great..and then I left...and she stayed..the whole time!! The clock ticked at home while i was trying desperately to accomplish tasks that I knew I could finish while she was a few done but need more time. Then came time for me to pick her up.. once again I packed everyone all up and off we went. I walked in the doors and the she sat at the lunch table all quiet and munching away on a cookie. It was so great to see her happy and socializing with other kids- that's what I've been waiting for. She packed up her school bag with all her goodies from today and came with me no problem..teachers even said she was good just a couple tears in the beginning. All and all I think we might be on the road to " staying at Pre school" !


4andcounting said...

That is exciting! My oldest cried the first five days of preschool, then was silent the next three. We had decided to pull her if the crying continued, but she stopped before we had to do that. Eventually she talked to her teachers, but no one else. Then, the next year, she loved it! She was like the rock star of her class and loved it. Congratulations to all of you!

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Thank You for your comment, its always nice to hear that your not alone in certain situations.