Wednesday, March 21, 2007


What a beautiful morning i woke up to today. Baby Kourtney just a smilin' away, all the other kids still sleeping..well some snoring, and I was able to get ready and mobile before anyone else needed any help from me. I managed to even get Makayla's school bag and lunch all packed up and set to go..then the kids start filing down the stairs one by little ants looking for food.

After i got that stuff all ready I dressed each child..according to plan, Makayla for School, Kennedy for Day Care this morn, Marshall just to get in the car , and Kourtney just to get anything on that wasn't wet or spit up on. So then I had to make a trip out to the vehicle to grab I went to get the keys...and well they were not in their usual place, so I ventured out to the kitchen , and they were no where to be found. I then started panicking. I shoved things and moved tables, completely took things apart looking for these valuable, precious items that take me and my cargo everywhere. I then went to my last resort..I called Mike to see if he knew where they might be. And here was the conversation:
Me: you by chance know where the keys might be?
Mike: Yea, they are on top of the T.V. Unit, I set them there when I got home from the store last night.
( At this point I'm were the last one to put your dirty little paws on them..not me!!!) HAHAHA
Me: UUMM they aren't there, and they are not in the kitchen, actually I cannot find them. What should I do?
Mike: Well, I guess just use the spare set for now.
Me: That's fine and dandy, but remember that the house key is on the regular set and well all the other keys we use all the time!
Mike: Oh ya, well I don't know, all I know is that I set them on the T. V unit.
Me: alright, I will call you later
Mike Okay

So....i then took Makayla to school and then started venturing to drop off Kennedy at Daycare...Kaye had a snack in the car today and well...she said to me that her tummy wasn't feeling well..I thought nothing of it. And well a minute after that she hurled her cookies alright all over the car seat- that poor car seat I tell ya. So then I had to go home and get Kaye all changed and cleaned up and get her ready for Daycare-for the second time.
We arrived at the Daycare and today was awesome! No crying no hesitation at all from her, she went right to the teacher today. I was so happy at this point, I was skipping with glee back to the car, humming in my head " I have 2 kids this morning, I only have two kids..hehehe".
The kids and I then took off to London to do a few things. And this whole time I could do nothing but think about where my poor set of car keys could possibly be-I thought : What if Mike dropped them outside and a kid took them -then they might steal our vehicle, our get in the house, all these crazy thoughts go through your mind!
So I decided to call Mike again and tell him that I had not found the keys yet. I went on to say I just have no Idea where they could possibly be. He then said I don't know ..did you check the drawers on the T.V. unit maybe the kids put them in there? I said no..there was still hope I guess. And then went on to say well I have my work coat here but I didn't wear it last night so they won't be in there but I will check. SO he went and checked his pockets of his work coat and..all I heard was " O *@%! I do have them..I'm so tired , I don't know why I would have grabbed them but I guess I did."
So there is the ending to my M.I. A. key story.
I now have 3 kids asleep and 1 in is so darn quiet here right now and I am enjoying the I know it won't last very long at all.


my4kids said...

Don't you love that! I've had that before and the hubby insist I must have them only to find them in his pockets later. Glad you have an extra set at least so your not stuck.

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Ya it was a day of " fretting " for sure!

PortraitofPeter said...

The quotation "Friends are Angels" is such a beautiful statement for the love we have for our dear friends.

Blessings to you all and for an entertaining "posting".

Elle said...

My husband does that ALL the time. Asks me where something is; he's the one that misplaced it. He can look for 50 minutes and I'll find it in about 2 seconds. Why does he think I want his socket wrench set?

Jethro, Squirt and Mel said...

Chrissy...At least the Keys weren't locked in the van without a spare set?? LOL..


Heather said...

HAHAHA!!! Hi there This is my first time at your blog... you commented on a blog that I visit regularly, but I don't remember whose!! :o))
The reason I laughed so loud was because I've had the same experience and can totally relate to the part about being excited that it was him and not you that last had them!! lol I also have 4 kids.... but you've got me beat in how quick you had them. My first three were born in just under 3 years and then waited 3 years for the fourth one. Mine are all girls. I look at your pictures of little Kourtney and it makes me kinda sad that my babies aren't babies anymore. My youngest will soon be 9!! I can't believe how fast they grow up!! Enjoy these days of baby/toddlerhood...It is such a special sweet time. I know exactly how exhausting it is.... but it sounds like you do enjoy it!! :o))I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world and if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have less kids... Possibly more!!! LOL
take care